Saturday, August 13, 2005

i did some digging

and found out my framed postcard purchase are kind of famous...

“Les Petits” Goebel Figurine, artist Michel Thomas, Paris.

“Les Petits”, a French painter's world-famous interpretations of the Gamins de Paris captures the joie de vivre of Parisian children growing up free and unrestricted in the shadow of the Seine. The artist's work reflects the children's zest for living, their carefree gaity and gamin-like expressions, as well as a hint of their philosophy of life. Mirrored in the figurines is an indefinable trace of the clochards - the vagabonds who live under the bridges of Paris. The figurine adaptions of “Les Petits” bring a touch of “Bohemia” into the home. It is a delightful gift for those who love youngsters and the figures are an international symbol - free of any national designation - representing an attitude of today's young - unaffectedness, self-assurance, tolerance and free from prudery.



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