Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Elephants Trunk CT. Flea Market Score

watched plein soleil

could redecorate my whole life according to this movie...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pacific Penetration

Monday, June 27, 2005

This is what I want my studio to look like

Sunday, June 26, 2005


1. Palimpsest 2:52 Smog A River Ain't Too Much to Love

2. Shake it to The Bank 3:29 Stockholm Monsters All At Once (Singles 1981 - 1987)

3. Just A Blip 3:41 arthur russell Another Thought

4. to b without a hitch 3:04 Bridget St. John ask me no questions

5. Horses 3:14 Mayo Thompson Corky's Debt to His Father

6. Que Vida! 3:38 Love da capo

7. things are lookin' up 3:17 judee sill dreams come true - cd 1

8. The Sweetest Girl 5:05 Scritti Politti Early

9. Somebody Made For Me 2:25 Emitt Rhodes Emitt Rhodes

10. Everyday I Love You Less And Less 3:37 Kaiser Chiefs Employment

11. I Need a Freak 5:21 Sexual Harrassment Fabric 19 - Mixed by Andrew Wetherall

12. It Kills 4:39 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Face the Truth

13. Going Home Time (Studio Out-Take) 3:31 The Cure Faith (Deluxe Edition CD2)

14. Sex Beat 2:48 Gun Club Fire Of Love

15. Over you 3:27 Roxy Music Flesh & Blood

16. be not so fearful 2:36 bill fay from the bottom of an old grandfather clock

17. nao identificado 3:09 gal costa gal costa

18. Totally Wired 3:27 The Fall Groteqsue

19. Happy Nightmare Baby 2:57 Opal Happy Nightmare Baby

20. Caleb Meyer 3:07 Gillian Welch Hell Among The Yearlings

21. Telsat Tune 2:00 Henry Flynt hillbilly tape music

22. Mr. Wind 2:38 Donovan HMS Donovan

23. 14th Street 3:17 Laura Cantrell Humming by the Flowered Vine

24. Letters 4:52 Laura Cantrell Humming by the Flowered Vine

25. Hungry, So Angry 3:59 Medium Medium Hungry, So Angry

26. You Were There 1:54 Heinz Joe Meek - The Alchemist Of Pop CD2

27. One Life To Leave 5:12 Out Hud let us never speak of it again

28. Happy End 4:12 Kaze wo Atsumete Lost in Translation

29. Falling in love again 2:58 Marlene Dietrich Marlene - Her 18 Greatest Recordings

30. Watussi 6:00 Harmonia Musik Von Harmonia

31. Scenesof 1:38 Tyrannosaurus Rex My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair

32. Be A Boy 4:03 Gina X Performance Nice Mover

33. Mississippi Goddamn 4:58 Nina Simone Nina Simone sings Nina

34. Occasional Rain 4:02 Terry Callier Occasional Rain

35. Ocean Rain (Live-A Crystal Day-12 May 1984) 5:18 Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain

36. Song to the Siren 3:24 Tim Buckley Original Versions (1983-1991 Box Set Disc 4)

37. Inside A Great Stadium And A Running Race 5:49 Panda Bear Panda Bear

38. Song to the Magic Frog 2:48 Sagittarius Present Tense

39. Prospect Hummer 4:40 Animal Collective & Vashti Bunyan Prospect Hummer

40. Receptacle for the Respectable 4:33 Super Furry Animals Rings Around the World

41. The Build Up 4:06 Kings Of Convenience Riot On An Empty Street

42. Home 3:53 Six Organs Of Admittance School of the Flower

43. Golden Brown 3:24 Stranglers Snatch

44. Palm Desert 3:10 Van Dyke Parks Song Cycle

45. Skullduggery 2:44 James Stutter

46. Take Ecstacy With Me [Magnetic Fields cover] 7:41 !!! Take Ecstacy With Me / Get Up

47. surfin on a rocket 3:45 Air talkie walkie Electronic

48. Yeti 5:00 Caribou The Milk Of Human Kindness

49. Dream of Me 3:53 OMD The OMD Singles

50. Its A Mugs Game 5:27 Soft Cell The Very Best Of Soft Cell

51. One Life Away 1:57 M. Ward Transistor Radio

52. La La Land 5:02 Green Velvet Whatever

53. Sliver (Solo Acoustic, 1989) 2:09 Nirvana With The Lights Out

54. Peng! 3:26 Iron & Wine Woman King (Extended)

55. Gwn Mi Wn 2:33 Gruff Rhys Yr Atal Genhedlaeth

I have $3 and there was supposed to be a check for paintings/drawings delivered more than a month ago, but alas...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Listening to...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Pride

I was in LA last New Years eve and saw an amazing collection of paraphenalia from the oldest gay motorcycle club in the US - The Satyrs - Aparantly someone has made a documentary about them - so exciting...SATYRS

Makes me feel kind of proud for once in the vein of Keith Bodwee's awesome post today...

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movie - The Yes Men - Watched tonight - features said costume in an amzing faux lecture about textiles of the future, corporate leisure suits and the advantages of slavery - all delivered under the guise of the WTO - The end of the film where a final faux presentation is given in which yesmen - again posing as representatives of the WTO - explain the very rational reasons why the WTO is dismantaling itself and recreating its mission in accordance with the UN Treaty on Human rights is really heartbreaking because it really does seem so tragically far fetched...

Frank O'Hara and James Schuyler

Frank O'Hara and James Schuyler
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I've been flitting between books trying to get a good summer read and I finally got the new(ish) book of my favorite poet James Schuyler's letters.... So beautiful and fun. Gossipy and melancholy letters to Fairfield Porter, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch etc...

At the begining he's in Italy with his boyfriend Arthur Gold (part of the four hand piano duo Gold and Fizdale -another fringy obsession of mine) and he goes the the Venice Bienale and says...

"I put off going to the Biennale until last week (since it was Venice itself I was most interested in). I thought Bill's (De Kooning) pictures showed up wonderfully well...In a big international showhis work seemed quiter and more subtle than I would have though of it as being.His pictures contain so much. The other thing I loved at the Biennale was a big Courbet show. But I didn't find the World's Fair Merchandise Mart atmosphere of the thing very sympathetic for looking at pictures..."

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  • Bill FAY
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    Great Britain


    Marc Brierley
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    Endless streams of new UK folk pop discoveries are making this a good music summer...



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    Watched this super nerdy documentary about Roxy Music called INSIDE ROXY MUSIC 1972-1974 (hey I was born right in the middle) and it was basically like a Fan Club affair - with interviews with absolute nobodies - but the whole shebang was worth it for the amazing concert footage - renewing my total awe of Roxy's total out of nowhereness and wishing I could find some straight up early concert films.....

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    Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    I love Raoul de Keyser

    I love Raoul de Keyser
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  • White Chapel

  • Art Forum

  • Yet ultimately it is De Keyser's ability to establish tension without fixed points of reference (those titles are as teasingly confounding as Robert Ryman's) that allows him so successfully undogmatic an approach. That figure and ground in his paintings often shift and change places and that the face of the canvas itself can seem so hauntingly fugitive are qualities as significant as any in lending these eroded abstractions their mute force.


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    Ummm, Check check - One two - Aheeeem...